UTD Aviation Solutions sign MoU with Ethiopian Aviation Academy

Ethiopian Aviation Academy (EAA) and UTD Aviation Solutions, a US based Aviator and ASA (Aviation Suppliers Association’s auditing process) accredited company have signed an MOU to promote the Academy jointly in the Americas.

According to the MOU signed at Ethiopian Airlines headquarters, UTD Aviation will spread information across US and Latin American markets, about the wide range of courses of Ethiopian Aviation Academy.

A statement issued in Accra jointly by the parties said the agreement aimed to sustain the legacy of Col.

John C. Robinson, also known as ‘The Brown Condor’ and ‘Father of the Tuskegee Airmen’, which began almost 100 years ago.

The Brown Condor Initiative (BCI) is a joint initiative structured with Ethiopian Aviation

Academy to train underprivileged and under marketed future aviators of colour in America.

Mr. Mesay Shiferaw, Managing Director of Ethiopian Aviation Academy, said, “We are glad to have signed this MOU with UTD Aviation and pave the way for future aviators of colour to acquire world class aviation training.”

He said the partnership would enable both Ethiopian Aviation Academy and UTD Aviation to promote the Academy jointly among the African American community.

Mr. Dahir Mohammed, President and CEO of UTD Aviation Solutions, said, “We are glad to partner with the largest Aviation training centre in Africa, and UTD recognises the potential of the Academy as a pipeline to address the labor crisis in the US aviation sector.”

“We are confident that we can promote the Academy’s training courses in the market we operate, and no doubt the cooperation will soon bear fruits for both continents,” he added.

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