Unleashing Hidden Talents: 25th Ghana Music Awards Calls for Unsung Acts to Shine

Ina bid to spotlight emerging talents within the music industry, the organizers of the Annual Ghana Music Awards, Charter House, have announced the commencement of nominations for the highly anticipated 25th GMA Unsung Category.



This platform aims to provide an opportunity for underground artists to break through and grace the stage at the landmark 25th Ghana Music Awards.

Music enthusiasts and fans alike are encouraged to actively participate in this initiative by showcasing their favorite Unsung act.



To nominate, supporters can post a captivating picture of the artist on social media and tag it with #25thGMAUNSUNG.



This not only helps in propelling the artist into the spotlight but also contributes to their inclusion in the prestigious Unsung Nominees list.



Nominations are open until Thursday, 29th February 2024, providing a window for fans to rally behind their chosen artist. This unique opportunity is powered by @closeupghana, underscoring the commitment of corporate entities to support and foster the growth of raw talent within the music industry.



As the 25th Ghana Music Awards approaches, the spotlight is set to illuminate the Unsung Category, showcasing the immense talent waiting to be discovered. Fans, artists, and sponsors alike eagerly anticipate the breakthrough moments that will undoubtedly shape the future of the Ghanaian music scene.

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