Suge Knight, The Founder of Ghana Achievement UK Hints On Scheme’s Launch And Maiden Edition

After the successful staging of the maiden and second edition of his Western Achievement And Excellence Awards in Ghana, Suge Knight extends the award scheme to the UK under the title Ghana Achievement UK with plans to stage its maiden edition in London this year to honour excelling UK-based Ghanaian personalities and institutions that are worthy of wide recognition for their plausible feats.

It was in a virtual up-close interaction with a select few affiliated media house lords on Zoom about his next immediate event moves last weekend that Suge Knight introduced Ghana Achievement UK and informed the media of its launch plans.

The Ghana Achievement UK organization has Jonah Howard as its deputy CEO, Suge Knight being the prime CEO.

Asked why he didn’t limit his excellence awards scheme activities to just Ghana, Suge Knight disclosed that the doubling of his excellence awards scheme in the UK was necessitated by his keen observation that there are a lot of Ghanaians in the UK that have contributed and are still contributing to the promotion of activities Ghana but are not yet honoured on a wide-enough public scale. “They must be highly honoured to serve as a motivation for others to emulate such great contributions that make Ghana and Ghanaians look relatively significant abroad in key aspects that earn diverse respects to a country and its people”. Suge Knight revealed.

Talking about the award categories for Ghana Achievement UK, Suge Knight hinted that the scheme’s category log spans politics, humanitarianism, education, business (entrepreneurship, export and import), tourism, leadership, events, fashion, charity, entertainment, and other very important niches that highly promote Ghana in the UK.

The Ghana Achievement UK scheme will be honouring both Ghana-based personalities and institutions, as well as Ghanaian personalities and Ghanaian-owned institutions in the UK. Without a public voting conduit, winning will be based on merits.

Neither the official launch nor the maiden edition staging date has been made public yet, but a hint from source said both are 2023 dates and they will be held in London venues.

Between 25 and 30 prestigious award categories will be created and the percentage statistics of the scheme’s winners might have 30% Ghana-based winners and 70% UK-based winners.

The management of the award scheme seeks to invite high profile dignitaries, public figures, celebrities and several personalities from Ghana, UK and other countries to the launch and the maiden edition.

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