Renowned Highlife Musician and Pastor KK Kabobo Battles Serious Health Condition, Calls for Urgent Support

Ghanaian journalist and YouTuber Barima Kaakyire Agyemang recently shared distressing details about the health struggles faced by veteran Highlife musician and pastor, KK Kabobo.

In an emotional account, Agyemang revealed the musician’s challenges in communicating due to severe health issues.

KK Kabobo, known for hits like ‘Onyame Ahu Wo’ and ‘Nyatse Nyatse Girl,’ has been unwell for an extended period, experiencing sharp pain in his right abdomen. Despite undergoing various diagnoses initially suspecting an ulcer, medical investigations eventually revealed a serious issue with his liver.

Agyemang, who managed to have a brief conversation with the ailing musician, highlighted the severity of KK Kabobo’s condition, evident in his struggle to speak.

Due to the gravity of the situation, the journalist could not upload the interview but took pictures with the artist’s consent to raise awareness and seek assistance.

During the conversation, KK Kabobo did not explicitly request help, but Agyemang emphasized the urgent need for financial support.

The musician and his family have faced substantial expenses for hospital stays, scans, and medications, creating an overwhelming financial burden.

In addition to his musical contributions, KK Kabobo transitioned to become a pastor in 2012, being ordained as a Reverend Minister by Covenant Mission Bible College in Achimota. Now, as he battles this health crisis, the call for assistance aims to rally support from the public and well-wishers to aid in his recovery journey.

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