Nigerians are doing better than us because they support their own – Obrafour (Video)

Ghanaian legendary musician Obrafour, born Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darko has said that though the Music industry has come off age, one of the reasons that makes Nigerians continue to do better than Ghana in terms of music is that they support their own.

Speaking in a one on one interview with Ghanaian Journalist and blogger Attractive Mustapha on what needs to be done to improve our Music industry, Obrafour opined that industry players must not necessarily be hard on ourselves and assert that the Ghanaian musician industry have not achieved anything .

“We started from somewhere and we are where we are now, today unlike my time, today Social Media is propagating and putting everyone out there. It’s quiet refreshing to see Ghanaian Musicians being honored all over across the globe”, he said.

He then lamented that, Theres something that we are all forgetting , which has been cited in the bible that a prophet is not honored in his own home.

“Ghanaians have a penchant for foreign things we don’t really honor our heroes down here and that has been our pain”. Obrafour added.

He further explained that Nigerians are doing better than Ghanaians because they know the relevance of supporting their own and all the rich people are supporting their industry , investing in their Music, so until a time Ghanaians also realize we have the men who can do better than and support them too, then we can move forward .

He concluded by saying that “I know some Ghanaians who do not even want to show their Ghanaian brothers the way, so until we realize that we need to support each other and our own then we remain the same.”

Obrafour is set to to host the biggest concert for the album after two decades.

The Pae Mu Ka at 20 concert is set for 9th of November 2019 at the Accra International Conference Center.

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