Nhyiraba Kojo Addresses Fraud Allegations: Attributes Wealth to Godly Blessings

Popular Hiplife musician and Owner of NK City Nightclub, Nhyiraba Kojo, has broken his silence on allegations labeling him a ‘fraudster’ due to suspicions surrounding his source of income. In an exclusive interview with UTV, Nhyiraba Kojo opened up about the origins of these accusations and his steadfast belief in the legitimacy of his wealth.


Nhyiraba Kojo revealed that the controversy stemmed from a strategic move during performances where he would split his earnings, allocating a portion to reward fans in attendance. This gesture, aimed at boosting crowd turnout, inadvertently sparked speculation about the legitimacy of his finances. “It all started during the turnaround. I decided to split my performance fee into two and share one with the fans so that they would show up for my events.

Every show that I perform, the crowd will be massive because they know I will throw money at them, which happens,” Nhyiraba Kojo explained to host MzGee.

As whispers of fraud circulated, fueled by sensationalist blogging, Nhyiraba Kojo remained undeterred, firmly asserting his innocence. “In the course of doing that, people began to question my source of income and ended up with the tag [fraudster]. It appears bad news gains more popularity, so the bloggers also work on it a lot,” he remarked.



Despite the negative attention, Nhyiraba Kojo remains resolute, citing unwavering faith in divine providence as the source of his prosperity. “God knows the truth and he blesses one to be rich. Once the allegations are not true, it does not bother me at all,” he affirmed.


In the face of adversity, Nhyiraba Kojo’s unwavering confidence and reliance on his faith stand as a testament to his character. As the controversy simmers, the musician continues to focus on his craft and the unwavering support of his fans, confident in the righteousness of his path to success.

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