My female colleagues act cheap for directors to have their way with them – Mercy Bemah

Mercy Bemah is one of the top upcoming actresses gracing our screens with movies with the unique role she exhibits whenever she is on duty. Mercy who has played a leading role in most of the movies like ‘Love Is Real’, ‘Accra Babes’, ‘M. U. S. E’, ‘Look no further’, ‘Me Against My Love’s Family’, ‘Dark Sins’ and many more. In an interview, the young actress on her take on actresses sleeping with movie producers and directors for scripts and roles, she had this to say.

It’s very true and I have been a witness to some of these things. These directors don’t force the wannabe actresses to bed. Because these girls are always desperate just to get a role, they are ready to do everything for just a role by dumping themselves to these directors. Therefore if the director in question has no self-control, then just imagine what will happen.

”Mercy however says no director has ever proposed to her for a movie role and she would never do that. She stated that despite the fact that some ladies would sell their bodies for movie roles, there are some genuine ones too. But Mercy doesn’t see anything wrong with the recent trend of posting half-naked pictures by some celebrities.

To me, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Acting is a form of art, and it doesn’t matter how people do theirs. Brands are different you know. Just because African brands are morally based, doesn’t mean people don’t know what they’re doing. It’s an art, and we must all paint it in a different way or the other. I don’t see anything wrong at all,” she explained.

Before departing, she said there is so much money in the movie industry and the movie industry is paying well but there is more room for improvement. She advised up and coming actors and actress to be focused on whatever they want to do and be the master of their craft. Aside from doing movies, Mercy is also a makeup artist and is most of the time seen on set when she doesn’t have any role to play in a movie or TV series.

My female colleagues act cheap for directors to have their way with them –

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