Mahama joins ‘Ghana-Naija jollof’ conversation; praises Lordina

Former President, John Dramani Mahama appears to be enjoying jollof rice with avocado salad and grilled guinea fowl specially prepared by his wife, Lordina Mahama.

An Instagram post of Mr. Mahama in a casual wear, sitting behind a table ‘decorated’ with mouthwatering meal with a broad smile sends a simple message of one having a nice time.

For a while now, the debate over who is ‘King of Jollof’, between Ghana and Nigeria has taken over various social media platforms with some users posting memes depicting the difference between the two.

But the ex-president in the post gave a thumbs-up to his wife as he used the ‘Onaapo’ term suggesting that the jollof from his wife’s kitchen is one he will crave for on any day.

“When Lordina prepares Ghana Jollof… Onaapo ????????
#GhanaJollof #AvocadoSalad #GrilledGuineaFowl #JDM #Ghana #ECOWAS #Africa,” he posted.

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