It’s necessary for a prophet to own a gun — Prophet Gideon K. Baffour

A Ghanaian prophet based in the United States of America, Prophet Gideon K. Baffour of the Eagles House Chapel-USA has opined that it is prudent for Ghanaian pastors and “Men of God” to own guns.

Hitz 103.9 FM in Accra, with FRANKY5 on this is Gospel show Monitored by Blogger Attractive Mustapha, about his life and how he became a prophet, he confirmed that he has a gun as a form of protection.

According to him, wisdom and knowledge is very important and the fact that the Bible says you are protected or when you walk in shadow of death you are protected does not mean he should not protect himself physically.

“I live in Atlanta and on the street of Atlanta, many people have a gun so I don’t see why he having a gun is a big deal”.

“My gun is not in Ghana it’s in America, I want to clarify that before the IGP invites me“, he quickly retorted.

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