Hare Krsna Movement to perform special vedic prayers for Ghana against mysterious national occurrences

The International Society for Krsna Consciousness (ISKCON) popularly known as Hare Krsna Movement is set to organize a special prayers known as Yajna(fire sacrifice) to intercede for Ghana in the face of unexplainable fire outbreaks, crimes, natural disasters, and impending ones per astrological revelations.

According to the officiating priest who will be performing the special prayers, His Grace Devarishi Das, this is the first of its kind the Hare Krsna Movement has decided to do this urgent prayers for the nation and to make it public.

Asked why now, he said “sometimes we [Hare Krsna Movement] receive criticisms from people for not adding our voices and inputs when other faiths announce their intention to intercede for the nation in prayers in times of crisis.

“It’s as though we care less about what goes on in the country, but that is actually not the case. We’re Ghanaians too.”

According to H. G. Devarishi Das who’s also a sought-after Astrologer, Purohita, Pranic Healer, and Palmist, the universe is going through a revolution of a sort, hence, every nation needs purging and Ghana is no exception.

“Ghana needs purging and spiritual succor now. Some of the ills and unexplainable occurrences are not merely physical and sheer coincidences. The higher beings are displeased with the actions of men.”

As a non-sectarian religious movement, they welcome and worship with people from all walks of life irrespective of social status, race, tribe, and faith/religion at their temple.

“Christians, Muslims, Hindus, the President, ex-President, Ministers, MPs, Academics, Students, Graduates, Business Men, everyone is warmly welcome to our temple, and to actively participate in this crucial prayers for the nation.” H. G. Devarishi Das intimated.

Giving a brief explanation on the uniqueness of this prayer and how it will be performed, he said: “the fire deity known as Agni shall be invoked to light a fire.

“The congregation will sit around the lit fire and throw grains into the fire while several powerful vedic mantras are chanted to invoke protections, blessings, and seek forgiveness from the higher beings.

“All the four corners and gates of the country shall be cleansed with this purification prayer.”

The media and the general public are entreated to visit the Hare Krsna movement located at Medie (Samsam junction) on the main Accra-Nsawam road come Sunday, January 30, 2022. The prayers will start at 2:00 PM.

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