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Ghanaian Movie Director Mustapha Temim back to the industry after three years stay in Dubai

Ghanaian celebrated director of photography Mustapha Timim who has worked on over 50 movies for the Film industry is back to the country after three years of working for a private company whilst studying the trend of the Asian movie industry.

The Light man who is known within the movie industry as Mustapha Baba Tunde in a chat said he went out of the country because sometimes it is good for one to leave his or her comfort zone to take up new challenges.

Now that he is back, his main objective is to upgrade on his services by offering the best lighting and cinematography in order to enable the industry to have good quality movies that can win international awards.

According to him right before he left Ghana, he realized a high decline of the movie industry and during his stay in Dubai, he noticed that the movie industry is dead but he is back to help revive it with his newly acquired skills.

He suggested that more efforts have to be made by those in higher authorities to regulate the influx of foreign movies and series like the Kumkumbahgya and promote the local industry which will also help in the Industry revival process.

Mr Mustapha has worked on memorable movies like Silence is golden , Royal diadem, Beautiful Mad dog and many others.

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