Ghana Tourism Authority and Beyond the Return Secretariat Open Applications for December Events

The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and the Beyond the Return (BTR) Secretariat have officially opened the call for event organizers and promoters to submit their proposals for consideration in the 2024 ‘December in GH’ campaign calendar of events.


This year marks the 6th edition of the campaign and the announcement comes earlier than previous years as the Authority and Event organisers anticipate an increase in visitors to Ghana during the holiday season. The earlier call and publication will allow visitors ample time to plan their trip and to coordinate the activities and festivals they wish to include in their itineraries for December.



Since 2019, Ghana has led the charge in changing the narrative about the African experience and has solidified the country as the top holiday destination on the continent through ‘December in GH’ and the return initiatives. ‘December in Gh’ has been a strong driver of tourism, economic impact, and branding Ghana as the “Centre of the World”.


‘December in GH’ is coordinated by the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Beyond the Return (BTR) Secretariat, under the auspices of the National Steering Committee and invites all interested Event Organisers seeking to have their programs endorsed as an official event for December in GH to submit a formal proposal to the team. Proposals should be for events taking place from November 15, 2024 through January 15, 2025. The office is encouraging Event Organizers to create events that would bring together the Global African Diaspora, Continental Africans, and the local Ghanaian community.



Annabelle McKenzie, Director of the Beyond the Return Secretariat said “Ghana has seen tremendous growth in tourism, bridging the gap between Ghana and the historical diaspora, and unifying Africans due to the “Year of Return” and Beyond the Return.” The Secretariat is well prepared for the 6th year of ‘December in Gh’ and is excited to work with Event Organisers and key stakeholders.”



The CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority, Akwasi Agyeman urges Event Organizers to partner the Authority and the Steering Committee to “unlock the potential of Ghana as a leisure destination and turn dreams into lasting legacies. Together, let’s shape the future of travel and make Ghana’s December, an unforgettable experience”



All proposals must be submitted before Tuesday, April 30, 2024, using the official form at this link: The form can also be found on the Beyond the Return website at:


‘Beyond the Return’ is a ten-year initiative with the theme ‘A Decade of African Renaissance’ and a foundation of seven pillars. Each pillar is significant in the mission of continued engagement with the African diaspora, continental Africans and Ghanaians.



The seven pillars are as follows: Experience Ghana, Celebrate Ghana, Give Back Ghana, Invest in Ghana, Brand Ghana, Diaspora Pathways to Ghana and Promote Pan African Heritage and Innovation. All Event Organizers must consider how their event aligns with at least one of the foundational pillars.

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