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Ghana National Herbal Awards 2019 Launched (Video)

Nyamedua Herbal and Foundation, a non-governmental organisation made up of herbal personalities whose work show exemplary leadership towards building a vision and a future for Ghana’s herbal medicine platform in Ghana on Tuesday launched their second edition flagship program for the year; Ghana National Herbal Awards (GNHA) 2019 at the Grand Casamora at Accra.

The awards slated for Monday, April 22 at the Miklin Hotel in Kumasi, will provide a platform to improve Ghana herbal products and create awareness, loyalty, recognition, and prestige for herbal products in the country.

The Public Relations Officer of Nyamedua Herbal and Foundation, Frank Agyapong, said the event would promote locally made products to consumers and facilitate the discovery of new and life-saving products.

“We know that in Ghana the conditions for start-ups are not conducive but there are still people who defy the odds and we think it’s time we recognise and reward these people. Setting up a business has never been easy but we need to encourage the youth to go into entrepreneurship. It’s about time Ghana also sits up to appreciate our products,” he said.

He added that the award will boost the profile of made in Ghana products as well as expose them to the wider Ghanaian populace. He also called on other agencies and the ministries to support such initiatives to encourage more people to venture into herbal medicine.

Specific products that are adjudged by the consuming public as embodying the highest standards of quality will receive the Best Product Awards.

Some of the product categories include Best Malaria Herbal Mixture, Best Food Supplement, Best Kookoo Herbal Mixture, Best Alcoholic Beverage, Best Herbal Man Capsules, Best Stroke Herbal Hospital, Best Herbal Capsules Package, Best Herbal Lady Care, Discovery Herbal Alcoholic Beverage, Best Herbal Alcoholic Sales of the Year.

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