Ghana Music Awards Europe Closes Nominations for 2024 Edition

Organizers of the prestigious Ghana Music Awards Europe have officially closed nominations for the 2024 edition. Following a successful month of submissions, the team announced the closure, marking the end of an exciting phase in the awards cycle.



This year, the awards scheme will see its launch in Germany in May, where the eagerly anticipated nominations will be officially released. The main event is scheduled to take place in Amsterdam on September 7th, promising a spectacular celebration of Ghanaian music talent.



The Ghana Music Awards Europe, which took place in France last year, continues to grow in prominence and impact. Led by the visionary CEO Mavis Oppong, affectionately known as Osaah Special, the awards aim to recognize and honor the remarkable talents and contributions of artists within the Ghanaian music industry, both domestically and internationally.



“The Ghana Music Awards Europe is a platform that acknowledges the vibrant diversity and creativity within our music industry,” stated Osaah Special. She emphasized the significance of recognizing talent on a global scale, highlighting the awards’ role in bringing international attention to Ghanaian artists.



The organizers extended their heartfelt gratitude to industry players, musicians, and everyone within the music industry for their participation and contributions to the submission process. This year’s awards are set to be a landmark event, celebrating the dynamic and diverse talent that Ghana has to offer.


Stay tuned for the announcement of the nominees and prepare for an unforgettable awards night in Amsterdam this September.

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