Ghana Is Seriously Sick – Kumchacha

Founder and Leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei well known as Kumchacha believes the country Ghana after years of  attaining independence through the help of the big six led by Kwame Nkrumah is seriously suffering from an illness which is yet to receive treatment of it and further help to improve the lives of its citizens.

Kumchacha said Ghana’s system which has been built in a way that favors the rich and neglects the poor is something which shouldn’t be entertainment anymore adding that, it won’t help to see the nation progress to higher heights.

His displeasure comes at the back of news report indicating, popular sound engineer, Eyoh Soundboy is battling for his life as his kidney situation worsens each day at the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital. 

Speaking on Okay FM’s ‘Best Entertainment Show’, Kumchacha said the system in the country should be able to support the poor in such critical health condition.

“Ghana is sick, our system here is annoying. So can’t he (Eyoh Soundboy) be helped out of this situation by government? That a person gets  to this critical situation and no help from anywhere, that’s bad. If for nothing at all, government should help him. Our system here is very bad. It means the country Ghana is sick, that someone is sick critically like this, but the person with no money should die. Why can’t our system help such individuals like this to gain their feet’s back. 

“With all the heavy taxes government takes from us, we can’t ascertain critical help for such sick individuals? It is very bad. Things need to change. The taxes all divert to people’s stomach and wrong places, no wonder our hospitals are suffering like this, always no bed for suffering patients. Ghana should move from this type of governance, our system should support and help the poor especially. We can’t build a nation like this. There’ll be no progress, we are going to continue like this.”

He added, “Our leaders are not helping us. They’re thieves stealing from innocent people. Degrading and damaging innocent people of  good living condition. Why should a country of just 30 million suffer like this? It is because of bad governance among other things. There should be a system to take care of Eyoh Soundboy, after the treatment then others come in to help. This isn’t about politics, we shouldn’t make it so. We should talk against that useless governing rule, to enable people have better living condition.”

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