Fella Makafui Confirms Separation from Medikal, Initiates Legal Measures for Family and Business Protection

Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui has announced her separation from her husband, renowned musician Medikal. The couple, who have been married for four years, agreed to end their marriage several months ago and have been awaiting the completion of the customary divorce rites by their respective families.



Makafui expressed her concern over recent public statements made by Medikal regarding their marriage, their daughter, her family, and her businesses. She highlighted that many of these statements significantly diverge from the truth, causing distress to her and affecting her family and professional ventures.



“Out of deep respect for our two families and the relative privacy that the institution of marriage requires, and most importantly, in the best interest of our beloved daughter, I have decided to resort to only lawful and appropriate forums to address my grievances,” Makafui stated.



She further revealed that she has reluctantly initiated a legal process to ensure the safety of herself and her daughter, and to streamline and regulate their co-parenting duties in accordance with the law.



Makafui expressed sincere gratitude for the immense support she has received from fans, family, and business partners over the years, while also pleading for understanding and privacy during this difficult time.



The actress’s statement underscores her commitment to handling the situation with dignity and legal propriety, ensuring the best possible outcome for her daughter and maintaining the integrity of her personal and professional life.

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