Famed Ghanaian Kente weaver Amos Homeda Osei invited as Special Guest for Nosaconn Culture Exchange USA

Globally acclaimed Ghanaian Kente weaver, Amos Homeda Osei, popularly known as Homeda Kente and his manager, Michael Oduro Osei, have been invited as Special Guests for the 2023 editions of Nosaconn Culture Exchange USA.

The two will join other personalities from other countries across the world to participate in activities including; interviews, panel discussions, and educational workshops.

The delegation, according to the President of Nosaconn Culture,  Damon J. Batiste, will also meet the D’Batiste Fathers & Sons, New Orleans Cultural Economy Staff, Rotarians of Metairie Sunrise Rotary Club, and Representatives for Arts in Education Initiative in USA.

Homeda, who has represented Ghana across Europe and some African countries over the years, said that, he, together with his manager, will use the opportunity to market the Kente well to people of America.

He also added that one of the best ways to communicate to dignitaries is through African wear which’s the Kente, so during their various program participations, they will shed more insights on the need for Kente to be accepted across the world.

NOSACONN is 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization comprised of business, civic, community, and entertainment industry leaders in New Orleans and South Africa. NOSACONN’S mission is promoting Music, Art & Culture & Film at the forefront of economic development & tourism between South Africa and the United States.

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