DKB Clarifies: “Nobody is Dead” in Funny Face Car Crash Aftermath

Following a devastating car crash involving renowned comedian Funny Face, fellow comic DKB has taken to social media to quell speculation and offer insight into the incident, shedding light on the aftermath of the tragedy.



“I have extensively followed it till now and it’s about 2 am and I am now going home. Thanks to Ghana Police for coming to the scene quickly else he would have been lynched and also nobody is dead,” DKB said in his post.



The incident occurred on Sunday night when Funny Face was reportedly involved in a collision that resulted in the injury of five individuals, including a grandmother and her two grandchildren. Eyewitnesses initially alleged that Funny Face was driving under the influence of alcohol, which may have contributed to the accident and resulted in fatalities.



However, DKB’s recent update contradicts these claims, stating that no one has succumbed to their injuries.



Recent updates indicate that the victims are currently responding well to treatment, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the tragedy. One of the injured children has been transferred to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital after sustaining a head injury.



As investigations into the accident continue, the Ghanaian comedy community and fans of Funny Face await further updates on his condition and the wellbeing of the victims.

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