“December to Remember-UK” tickets sold out ahead of event

Tickets for the 3rd edition of December to UK have sold out ahead of the event slated to come off on 28th December.

The Chief Executive Officer of AKOSUA KONCEPTZ, organizers recounted that last year’s event tickets also got finished before the day of the event but the number has increased this time round.

Talking about what patrons’ expectations, she told attractivemustapha.com that unlike last year where the event was focused on entertaining Ghanaians, some dynamism has been attached to this year’s edition which has made it open for other Africans and Europeans as well.

“Last year because it was focused on Ghanaians we gave many prices to some patrons including return ticket to Ghana for holidays, but this year the Christmas gifts will focus on Africa”.

She continued that the organizers are hoping to bring all Africans together that night , socialize, network and a brief discussion on European lifestyles.


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