Counsellor George Lutterodt is a complete joke and shouldn’t be taken serious

This is my opinion about the self-styled emotional fixer and pastor, George Lutterodt whose modus operandi is to receive media attention and be on the lips of everyone.

In fact the man indeed needs counselling like bubbly actress pointed out on her blog post weeks ago.

I have demarcated his weird methodology in five specific areas which I believe will convince every discerning person to disregard the man many hold in high esteem.

His advises are outrageous.

A good counsellor gives good advices; one that has the potential of solving a particular problem. This is one of the flaws of Mr George Lutterodt. All his advices tend to be fraught with humour at best and at worst scorn and sarcasm. Examine the following statements he made:

“If you are a woman and you date one man for more than two weeks then there is something wrong with you.”

“Never allow a poor man to marry you. A poor man’s marriage will kill you early. And when you die you will go to hell”

“If a man has reached the stage of marriage and his mother and father are afraid to tell him to go and marry, both parents are witches and wizards.”

Just analyse the above carefully and tell me if this man himself doesn’t need counselling.

He pokes his nose in people’s affairs.

Take the case of Victoria Lebene and Juliet Ibrahim for instance. I mean what gives him the right to use those crude words to attack the two beautiful ladies? Victoria Lebene knows what she is getting herself into when she decided to marry someone who is as old as his father.

For counsellor Lutterodt to launch a media campaign against the respected Kofi Adjololo and Victoria Lebene to the put that the young woman broke down in tears is just unforgivable. Counsellors don’t interfere in people’s private affairs like that. They are not supposed to be judgemental.

His competence is questionable.

To put it bluntly, the man is incompetent. His professionalism is questionable owing to the aforementioned characteristics of his. The basic ethics of counselling is not in his blood. He says whatever comes to his mind without thinking about the repercussions.

He forgets he wield lots of influence.

Lots of people respect him. In fact his fans will not even take kindly to what I have said in this article. He has much influence because he cunningly created that from the onset with his own style. A good counsellor with this rare platform should use it productively and impact positively on lives but sadly that is not the case. I mean how can he say those committing suicides are stupid?

He is ill mannered.

A cursory look at his personality reveals that he is ill mannered. He simply can’t be relied on with this kind of attitude. When he is criticized, watch the way he responds. He loses control at the least provocation

In a nutshell, Counsellor George Lutterodt is a joke. He only entertains us with quotes. If you hold on to his words religiously, you do so at your risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What do you think?

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