Chosen YesuBa drops tracklist and release date for his ‘Last Days EP’

Chosen Yesu Ba drops tracklist and release date for his “Last Days” EP
The ‘Last Days’ Extended Play(EP) is a gospel rap project aimed at alerting especially the Christian youth to lead exemplary lives.

The 7-track Gospel rap music piece talks about the present day church, the end times and untoward lifestyles that are morally corrupt; the tracklist are as follows:

The ‘Last Days’ EP is not your regular praise and worship music compositions but a word of caution to admonish and strengthen the faith of Christian believers.

It is a gospel piece that highlights questionable issues like a hammer on the head of a nail with precision.

1.The Reality
2.Christlike Living
3.Yesu ReBa
4.Soul Grind
5.Heaven on my mind
7.HE is coming







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