Caroline Group announces the dates for upcoming Africa Education Tour

International Boarding School Services (IBSS) a subsidiary of the Caroline Group under the leadership of
the 28-year old Educationist; Caroline Esinam Adzogble, has grown to become a foremost international
education advising organization with excellent support strategies for students, international schools as
well as other educational stakeholders; hence drawing partnerships from world class institutions across
the globe.

The group is looking forward to consulting with families seeking boarding school opportunities abroad
hence have announced the dates for the upcoming Africa Education tour slated for 23 rd November to 2 nd
December 2020.
The tour will allow African families seeking boarding school opportunities for their wards of ages 10 to
age 14 to be able to do so
While the ripple effect of covid19 is still surging; Caroline assures that the tour is structured as a hybrid
tour where boarding school representatives that are unable to travel down to Africa will be able to
connect with families virtually.
Speaking about the preparation ahead of the tour, Caroline stated that “I believe in perfectionism and
coordination; most of all experience; so my team and I will be there to engage with all of these families
and connect them to all these wonderful schools”
Caroline who founded the major education conglomerate and has worked with education partners
across 70+ countries highlights
I work with so many wonderful partners with each bringing something very unique to the table and for
African students; definitely they are all very special to me but right now
Worcester Academy in Worcester, Massachusetts is the #1 on our leaderboard right now. The school is
super unique and I call it the boarding school amongst boarding schools; home away from home. They
provide everything that a family could ever ask for in a boarding school.
Wayland Academy in Beaver Dam, with Wayland; every family that I have connected to Wayland so far
always came back and said to me “why didn’t I find them sooner”; I mean; that sums up everything you
should know about them
Northfield Mount Hermon is so rich in History that – the academic pathway they provide for students and
families is beyond my words.
Annie Wright Schools in Washington is my newest partner and bring many exciting opportunities to the
TASIS in England, Trinity College in Canada and so many great partners I work with are all super super
super special and I cannot wait to connect all these great families to all of these great schools.
Families interested in participating in the tour can connect the front desk of the Caroline Group by email or by phone +233-244-271-978

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