Ameyaw Debrah pays fees so this brilliant but needy boy can go to the university

Celebrity blogger Ameyaw Debrah has paid the school fees of young Asare Daniel Amoako who may have forfeited his admission because he could not afford the fees.

Debrah narrated that a lady with the Twitter handle @ekua_bronii tagged him in a post “asking for people to support a mother to pay for the admission fees of her son.” The celebrity blogger retweeted the message.
However, “in a sudden epiphany moment after retweeting the message, a voice inside me said ‘why not help the boy yourself?’ I then asked for the amount needed and after the breakdown, I offered to pay the fees.”

He then contacted the lady who mentioned her in the post for further details. It was then that he heard Amoako’s actual story.
Amoako’s mother, Mrs Rebecca Larbi has 4 other children. They all live in Adukrom in the Eastern Region.

Mrs Larbi came to Ho where her son has gained admission to the University of Health and Allied Science.
However, she could not raise the funds needed to pay her son’s fees. She then went to a bank in Ho, where @ekua_bronii works, for a loan.

“However since she didn’t have an account at the bank, it meant she couldn’t access any loan facility there. The story touched @ekua_bronii, who decided to take it to Twitter for support,” Debrah said.

“I inboxed her to get more details and soon I was put in touch with the family. I asked for bank details on Monday evening. And on Tuesday afternoon I went to the bank to make a deposit to cover the amount Daniel had to pay.”

Ameyaw Debrah is hopeful that his random act of kindness “will go a long way to usher him into the future he dreams about.”
“I also hope my little random act of kindness will inspire you to also help someone out when you can. Spread the love!” he concluded.

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