Adjetey Anang urges film makers to educate themselves and invest in their craft(Video)

Ghanaian popular filmmaker Adjetey Anang has urged his colleagues and people in the movie industry to educate themselves and also invest in their crafts.

Speaking in an interview with Blogger Attractive Mustapha on the current state of the Ghanaian film industry, he objected to the popular belief that the industry is dead but rather admitted that the industry is struggling.

The multiple award-winning actors continued that the industry has been struggling before the outbreak of Covid-19 but the pandemic also brought additional problems.

According to him, the fact that the industry does not have avenues enough to market films and online platforms are not rewarding enough for Ghanaian filmmakers are the main reasons the industry is struggling.

He further stated that if something is good you do not need to make much noise over it because people will most likely patronize it.

Our attention is more focused on Social Media and we use the film as a platform to project ourselves for higher businesses but we are not investing in the craft.

And I think that is why we should be investing in the craft we say we are passionate about.”

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