Abeiku Santana’s Journey: 27 Years of Persistence, Passion, and the Unforgettable Daddy Lumba Interview

Renowned radio and TV personality, travel and tourism expert, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and motivational speaker, Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana, recently took to Facebook to reflect on his illustrious 27-year journey in the radio industry.



Santana, who began his career in 1999 at Radio Mercury 91.5fm in Kumasi, shared the challenges he faced in securing an interview with the iconic legendary Daddy Lumba.



He emphasized in. Post captured by Journalist and Blogger Attractive Mustapha , that it wasn’t easy to get Daddy Lumba, let alone have the opportunity to interview him.



This experience marked the early stages of his career, filled with determination and perseverance.



In his heartfelt post, Abeiku Santana acknowledged the significance of every milestone, highlighting that every step in his journey tells a unique story. From those humble beginnings in Kumasi at Radio Mercury 91.5fm, to evolving from a rookie to a seasoned veteran, he expressed gratitude for 27 years of broadcasting brilliance.



The post resonated with themes of God’s grace, dedication, persistence, and the essence of leaving a lasting legacy.



Abeiku Santana encapsulated his radio journey with the hashtags #GodsGrace, #Dedication, #Persistence, #Legacy, #RadioJourney, and #NeverGiveUp.



As he continues to thrive in the industry, Abeiku Santana concluded his reflection with a message of gratitude, expressing thanks and a commitment to ensuring the legacy continues.



The online community eagerly awaits more insights into the remarkable career of Abeiku Santana, the radio maestro.

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