5 destinations you should visit before the year ends

Travelling should not be such a big deal. But it is, mainly because it is pretty hard planning a trip.

Also, sometimes it is as if you need all the money in the world to make a trip happen but the secret is, you really don’t.It is now common to people get together in groups to explore Ghana. If you are travelling for the first time it will recommend this means. It is not only safe, you get to cut down cost in most instances. Plus some memories are better shared in groups.
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The best part about travelling in Ghana is that there are several breathtaking destinations to see. It feels good to know that in the past couple of years domestic tourism seems to be picking up.

That said, these are the five destinations you should endeavor to visit before 2017 ends, start preparing right away
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This was the first castle to be erected in the Gold Coast. It was the headquarters of the Portuguese colonial administration. According to history, Elmina Castle is the last place where thousand of African slaves would ever remember as their homeland. The picturesque appearance of the castle, with its sandy beach and tropical palms, and the blue skies make it one of the best tourist sites in Ghana.
Nzulezu Photo credit – Ghana Travels

The village of Nzulezo is located near the village of Beyin. Nzulezo which means “surface water” was built over Lake Tadane, the settlement of Nzulezo consists of stilt-supported structures integrated seamlessly with the water-dominated natural landscape. It an amazing site to behold.
Keta & the Southern Basin
Keta in the Volta Region can boost of many tourist sites including the Fort Prinzenstein, Indelibl Kids Foundation Art Camp where children are taught how to draw, paint, carve, and other creative skills, A&Y wild camp, Anyanui Tourism Information Centre among others. You can also have picnics and a cruise on the Volta Lake.
Mount Afadjato
Mount Afadjato

Mount Afadjato is one of the highest mountain in Ghana, at an
elevation of 885 metres. The mountain is located in the Agumatsa Range near the villages of Liati Wote and Gbledi, in the Volta Region of Ghana close to the
Togo border
Manhyia Palace

Afro Weekender
The palace was built in 1925 by the British sometime after the Third Anglo-Ashanti War in 1874, when the British had destroyed the original palace built by Ghanaians. The British were said to have been impressed by the size of the original palace and the scope of its contents, which included “rows of books in many languages.”, but due to events in the War of the Golden Stool. The British demolished the royal palace with explosives. The palace consequently erected is a kilometer from the Centre for National Culture, Kumasi.

You would want to look into Afro Weekender if you want to embark on such trips. They organize trips across the length and breadth of Ghana. They come highly recommended in the domestic tourism industry in
Ghana. You are sure of an amazing experience if you are a local or from the diaspora.

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