Ghana’s problem is not leadership, people need to change their mindset-Indonesian Consul Paskal Rois (Video)

Indonesia Honorary Consul to Ghana, Paskal Rois has stated that the unprecedented hardship and challenges Ghana is going through is not a matter of leadership but rather caused by the mindset of the people.

Speaking in an interview with Blogger and Journalist Attractive Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah, the consul said if the problem is about leadership then every citizen must be blamed because everyone is a leader.

He believes that the major challenges the country is facing is the negative mindset of the people which needs to be changed before the economy will improve.

“look at the number of Ghanaians we send abroad to go and learn but they come back to Ghana and still look for jobs instead of creating jobs“.

He implied that the country has changed governments severally but the problems still persist.

Consul Rois advised that it is time Ghanaians change their mindset so that no matter who is in power we all can help to build the nation.

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