02 Arena: Ghanaian musicians must humble themselves and learn from Nigerian artistes – Sony Achiba (Video)

Legendary Ghanaian Hiplife musician Sony Achiba has advised Ghanaian musicians to humble themselves and learn from Nigerian artistes on how they can also make impact in the international market.

Sony Achiba who has been in the United Kingdom for 17 years in a chat with Blogger Attractive Mustapha said the Nigerians have all the links and connections so Ghanaians must go to them and learn how to do it.

To him if Ghanaian musicians are refusing to go to the Nigerians to learn how they are able to make it, it means they are not ready to break through.

He also mentioned that he is of the view that Ghanaian musicians should not be too proud to learn from Nigerians.

“Davido and some A list Nigerian artiste have good relationship with our Ghanaian A list musicians so I don’t see anything wrong with our musicians asking the Nigerians to teach them the way “.

He opined that even though the current musicians are doing good music, it is not always about good music but rather having the right connections.


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