The tale of two rasta boys from their parents… good! the other ugly

The two Rastafarian students who over a year ago, took the country by storm, following controversies about their admissions into Achimota School are back in the news again with two different stories which have nothing to do with their dreadlocks, but their unique characters from the perspectives of their parents.

Whilst, one of them Tyrone Iras Marghuy, has had his father threatening to kill him over the son’s violent and disrespectful behavior, which has left him with severe injuries, the mother of the other student, Oheneba Nkrabea, is celebrating her son who now attends the Prestigious Ghana International School (GIS) courtesy the benevolence of some kind hearted people.

Tereo Marghuy, took the behaviour of his son to Facebook with a video that has since gone viral on other social media platforms.

The angry father, disclosed that his son; Tyrone Iras Marghuy, had violently attacked him, leaving him with bloody bruises on his hand after a confrontation that got physical.
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He lamented about the boy’s violence tendencies and said last Wednesday’s attack on him, was the third time he had suffered such an injury. He blames his wife for encouraging the boy’s unruly conduct.

Oheneba Nkrabea’s mom on the other hand, is full of praise for her his son’s remarkable conduct, which has earned him a certificate of recognition from the management of GIS.

The certificate from GIS, which was co-signed by the Vice-Principal of the Upper Secondary, Frank Amponsah-Mensah and the Head of Guidance and Counseling, Dr Kristine Marbell-Pierre, said Oheneba Nkrabea had “shown social awareness by being kind and respectful to anyone he interacts with”.

Whilst, Tereo Marghuy broods over his injuries and the pain inflicted on him by a “disrespectful” son, Matilda Maanaa Myers, mother of Oheneba Nkrabea, wrote on her son’s achievement, saying “Our character was questioned because we carried our natural God given hair to school. We were called wee smokers who would corrupt “well groomed” children in the school. They were not ready to give us any chance at the Prestigious Achimota School because we were not fit to be part of an elitist school, because of our natural hair”.

Ms. Myers, continued “But we said no, we have right to education and fought for our right; and alas a court of competent jurisdiction granted us our right to education. Thank God for the generosity of some old students of Ghana International School who sponsored Oheneba Nkrabea to attend the Prestigious Ghana International School. He is well accepted and that have boosted his confidence level to 110%. He is a totally different person now to the amazement of all of us. We are forever grateful to Ghana International School.

“A year on today and he is doing amazingly well and affecting lives positively. Congratulations Oheneba on your award for being a kind and Respectful student at Ghana International School. And to those who judge people’s character by their looks before they experience them, I hope you learn from this.

Ms. Myers’ post on Facebook was dated May 31, 2022.

Tereo Marghuy, displaying his bloodied hand, spoke about how he got the blisters.

According to him, it was caused by Tyrone, after he confronted him for spoiling his sister’s tablet.

“This is what Tyrone has done to my hands. He spoilt his sister’s tablet and they were supposed to take it to the repairer this morning. The sister came to tell me they were taking the laptop to the repairer and I said yes, alright then.

“I went to see them in the room and I asked them why and she said, ‘Well, Tyrone is not ready.’ ‘Why are you not ready?’ Long story short, they had an argument. So, I went back there to ask him why, then he just unpluck the laptop and start walking over me, and he’s been doing this all these years,” he said while still displaying his bloodied hand.

Tereo continued that Tyrone’s mother, who he blamed for always shielding him, has contributed to how the boy has turned out. “… which of course, his mother tolerates. She even asked me one time, why is it that I don’t want anybody to have peace in this house? When my son does something wrong and I’m telling him, she is giving me bullshit,” he added.

He also explained that, this is not a behaviour that is new to his son, adding that he was not quite even in support of his son when the whole Achimota School admissions were going on.

“Even before the Achimota case, he was so arrogant, so I wasn’t even ready to follow him anywhere. I went to the court with him and defended him just for the sake of humanity; for the sake of Rasta. If it had only been because of this boy, I wouldn’t have gone.

“And this is the third time something like this is happening,” he said.

“He was supposed to repair a tablet for his sister, and then they were ready about an hour ago, but he was still sitting there watching TV. I went in there and asked Tyrone what was going on. He burst out and started insulting his sister and unplugged the laptop. He walked over to me and I threatened to slap him, and then he held my hand, so through the struggling up and down, I had blood everywhere.”

Tyrone Marhguy and Nkrabea, were in the news after Achimota School, failed to admit them, because they failed to cut their dreadlocks.

An Accra High Court on Monday, May 31, 2021, ordered the school to admit the students.

Justice Gifty Adjei Addo, the Presiding Judge, disagreed with the submissions of the Attorney General and granted all the reliefs separately sought by the embattled students, except the relief of compensation in the case of Tyrone Marhguy.

According to Justice Addo, it is preposterous for the Attorney General, to have even suggested that the two were not students in the first place.

Meanwhile, Tereo Marhguy, has apologized for making the matter public.

According to him, he sent the video showing bloody bruises on his hand, which has since gone viral, to a few close friends for advice, but was leaked on social media.

Speaking to Citi News after the family met with Child Rights International over the allegations and threats he made, Tereo Marhguy, said the incident won’t happen again.

“All what happened shouldn’t have happened. We should cool our tempers and sort it out. It is rather unfortunate it came out and people have formed their impressions. If it has really hurt anybody, I am really sorry. I apologise to everybody that something like this had to happen. He just held my hand, and we were struggling.”

Tereo Marghuy, had accused his son of violently attacking him.

In a video posted on social media, the father was seen with bloody bruises on his hand, saying his son had allegedly abused him after a confrontation.

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