Suge Knight UK praises Hajia 4 Real for being a hardworking woman

Sidney Washington Daniels popularly known as (official UK) Suge Knight has praised Hajia 4 Real for being a hardworking business woman over the years in a hard Ghanaian economy.

Speaking in a phone chat about Hajia 4 Real, the Ghanaian born British citizen said that for now the case is still with the Interpol pending court action so until proven guilty fans should slow down on how they crucify her.

“Ghanaians have to channel their energy on how politicians are stealing from government coffers and leave the hardworking lady alone until proven guilty “

Suge Knight who doubles as a detective gave an analogy of him being sent a mail by individuals who were impersonating Yvonne Nelson as far back as 2013 and insinuated that Hajia 4 Real’s case could be one of those where scammers or fraudsters try to use her name to scam others.


Following the viral news of the extradition from UK to the USA of Mona Montrage, aka Hajia4real, due to a $2M romance scam, the Ghanaian artiste & Socialite has been granted a half a million dollar bail.

She l has reportedly pleaded not guilty during her court appearance and is set to be released on home detention to her aunt’s New Jersey residence in the coming days on $500,000 bond, with GPS tracking via an ankle monitor, her lawyer and the prosecutor’s office has confirmed.

“At this time all we know is that there are six alleged victims and only two dealt with a woman and only one of them claims that he dealt with Ms. Montrage,” her attorney, Adam Cortez, told The Post.

Mona was extradited from the United Kingdom to the US for allegedly swindling over $2 million from older, single American men and women in a twisted lonely hearts scam, federal prosecutors said Monday.

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