Shatta Wale makes u-turn in court as he finally admits to publication of false news

Shatta Wale has given up on denying claims that he staged a publicity stunt to cause fear and panic in society.

The Ghanaian dancehall artiste has been appearing in court ever since his arrest in October 2021. Shatta Wale and three others were arrested after faking reports that he has been shot and rushed to an emergency ward.

However, the police followed the reports and realized the dancehall act was never admitted to any hospital in Accra. Later, Shatta claimed he faked the shooting incident to draw attention to a doom prophecy.

“The statement made by this false prophet has gotten me in a mood of violence since no one in this country cares. So the police of this country want to tell me none of them saw those threatening statements online to take action?” he asked.

“This pastor said 18th October Shatta Wale will be shot and you want to tell me you didn’t see from you cyber-crime department nor did u hear or came across anything like that online? If my life can be threatened and there is no law to take actions on that then I guess I will do what is right in the eyes of God”, Shatta Wale noted.
Shatta Wale in handcuffs
Shatta Wale in handcuffs

Regardless, he was arrested and charged for “publication of false news” yet he pleaded not guilty. In a new update, reports that Shatta Wale on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, has now changed his plea from not guilty to guilty at the Accra Circuit Court.

According to the website, the court, presided over by Emmanuel Essandoh, has slapped Shatta Wale with a Ghc2,000 fine for falsely claiming he was dead in October last year. Failure to pay the fine will result in Shatta Wale serving a term of three months in prison.

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