‘Poverty Mentality’ – Lutterodt reacts to public criticism on McBrown liposuction

Counsellor George Lutterodt has said Ghanaians who are suffering from poverty lifestyle are the people all over social media attacking actress and television-personality, Nana Ama McBrown for going through a stomach liposuction procedure to remove excess belly fat.

To the married counsellor, Ghanaians are fond of criticizing anything concerning celebrities, meanwhile if they had the means and money, they would have done same thing to better their lives.

Speaking on the ‘Best Entertainment Show’ hosted by Halifax Ansah-Addo, Lutterodt said such action amount to hypocrisy, adding that, Ghanaians should learn to embrace life improvement.

“The insult on Nana Ama is out of poverty. The poverty mentality and fear is killing a lot of people. The fear of that if I touch my buttocks, breasts – I’ll get cancer has been planted in our mindset. If you check very well what Nana Ama has done, which is the liposuction, it has nothing to do with her buttocks or whatever. It is just removing excess fat from her stomach or reshaping the system to get realignment. It has made her shape stand firm, than the already one” he said.

This comes after the actress shed more light on why she decided to enhance her body by doing liposuction.

“Yes I have done liposuction. I have worked on my body and I cannot tell lies about it. I am an adult hitting 45 this month and though do not owe anyone an explanation per say, because I respect my fans and admirers, I have to respond to the many questions. It has become a trending topic on whether or not I have done cosmetic surgery”, McBrown disclosed on the United Television Show, she hosts on UTV every Saturday night.

The adorable actress explained that she gained some weight after she stayed home for several months to recover fully from an arm surgery that was necessitated by a car accident she got involved in years ago.

She said while at home, she had to eat well and rest well while staying away from rigorous activities as part of her medication and this resulted in some weight gain.

McBrown explained further that after she fully recovered she tried to get rid of the excess weight and body fat by taking some medication, being on diet and doing daily exercise.

She said although this reduced the weight, it left her with a sagging stomach.

McBrown explained further: “I did not like the sagging stomach. I told God I did not like it. I prayed about it, I consulted my husband about it and after some research on liposuction and further medical consultations, I went for it.  The type of work I do, appearances matter a lot and I have to be confident and happy about my body.

“I like the results and it makes me feel better about my own body. It is a procedure I can afford and once it is my body and I like it and I have not broken any of the laws of Ghana, I am happy.

“It is not something I would recommend or not recommend. It is about individual choices and preferences. Once you can afford it, and you are of age and you like it, that’s okay. It is a matter of choice. I did mine in a way that I can safely carry a baby in my stomach for the full nine months if I become pregnant again”, she noted.

Nana Ama McBrown however clarified that she has not done any breasts or buttocks enhancements and that her natural shape and curves became enhanced and more visible after the stomach liposuction.

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