KKD’s claims that gov’t is behind his ban ‘untrue, a product of his imagination’ – GTV

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), operators of State-owned GTV, has refuted claims that government had instructed GTV not to allow broadcaster Kwesi Kyei Darkwa (KKD) to appear on its network.

The ace broadcaster had said on Accra-based Onua Television that government had instructed the state-owned television to ban him from appearing on GTV.

Reacting to the allegations GTV said: “If this statement is really coming from KKD, then it would be unfortunate.”

According to GBC, “the statement is not true and can only be a product of his imagination.”

It also put it on record that “the Corporation does not take instructions from the Government when it comes to its content production.

“Management is fully aware that it will be unlawful for Government to determine who comes on our platforms.”

The GBC also reminded Ghanaians that it “requires the support of all as it is being transformed into a public service broadcasting service as anticipated by the 1992 Constitution and subsequent Supreme court decisions.”

KKD has in recent times called out government on corruption.

For instance, he described as foolishness and nonsensical, the use of Databank, a company co-founded by Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta, as transactional advisors for the international loans Ghana takes.

“I read a report yesterday that broke my heart. I saw how much Ghana owes but I also found that apparently, the minister of finance’s company or former company, is the transaction advisor to the monies we borrow. So, as Ghana gets poorer, the minister of finance’s company or former company, gets richer”, he pointed out on state broadcaster GTV’s breakfast show hosted by Kafui Dey on Wednesday, 17 August 2022.

“Is this what we want to continue in this country? Do we want to elect people into office, give them their pay and perks and then allow them and their friends and their companies or their former companies to be the very beneficiaries of the woes of our country?” he questioned.


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