God is good – Nana Ama Mcbrown states after joining ONUA TV

Ghanaian A-list actress, Nana Ama Mcbrown has officially joined Media General Group.

The screen goddess is set to host her own show on ONUA TV after exiting UTV earlier this year.

Prior to the official announcement that the actress has joined Media General Group – Rumours went rife on social media that Mzgee has taken over from her at UTV.G

The rumours that Mzgee is the new host of UTV’s United Showbiz Show were confirmed yesterday after it was observed that some minute things have seemingly changed about the show – with reference to the montage and interludes.


The Montage: When McBrown was away in Germany to realign her dislocated arm following a domestic accident at home, she was assisted by temporal hosts who were rotated on a weekly basis until she resumed work.

Nothing about the show changed. Her face was still used on flyers alongside that of the guest hosts. The show’s montage remained the same as was since its inception.

However, the recent episode on Saturday saw McBrown’s face replaced with MzGee, which would have been highly unlikely to happen if McBrown will be returning.

Finally, we shall see Mcbrown on our screens once again she has officially joined ONUA TV – Obvisoulym, her fans will be watching her yet to be unveiled show in their mighty numbers

Taking to her IG page to affirm the reports of joining ONUA TV, she posted her welcome flyer with the caption God is good.

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