Channel your energy towards Jazz music- Ghanaian soloist Kwame Joe

A Ghanaian young musician Owusu Derrick, popularly known as Kwame Joe who is expert in the country music genre has urged colleagues to channel their energy towards listening and recording country music and jazzy instead of the hip-life music.

Speaking in an interview with after releasing his second Jazz album, the only bass soloist in Ghana who is a student at the SDA college of Education at Koforidua(Asokore) said Country music has been with us and still with us is just that the musicians are not taking advantage of it.

He continued that eventhough the genre is not characterized by ‘noise’ and not too loud to attract many people, it will forever remain with the favourite of a section of Ghanaians.

Talking about himself, he explained that his affection for Jazz and zeal to be branded as such has been enhanced with the assistance of his manager, Robert Sarpong whom je met in the year 2018.

“I got inspiration from the first song I performed by Jim Reeves – “We thank thee”. I’ve done a cover of that song and other songs of his as well,My style is just country music(gospel and love songs) so I’m looking forward to excel with this journey I’ve started”, Kwame Joe added.

The musician said that he aspires to be a world icon because it is His dream to be recognized worldwide through the music ministry, proclaiming God’s word and making the sacred word known to everyone that indeed God really works through his servants..

“I’ve Opoku Adjei as my pianist and keyboardist,and Bible horns as my Trumpeter”

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