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Brawl Over Face Masks On KLM Flight Sends 2 Passengers To Jail (Video)

A fight broke out on a KLM flight Friday morning after two passengers refused to wear a face mask. Spanish authorities met the flight from Amsterdam on its arrival in Ibiza, and the two passengers were arrested. The nationality of the passengers involved has not been confirmed. However, footage of the fight filmed by another passenger appears to show two English-speaking passengers brawling.

Brawl over face masks
Wearing face masks has become a part of the new normal, as countries implement rules to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. As the aviation industry adapts to the current situation, face masks have become mandatory onboard several flights. Nevertheless, there still appears to be some reluctance by some passengers to wear them.

This reluctance led to a fight breaking out on KLM flight 1495 from Amsterdam to Ibiza on Friday. Two passengers refused point-blank to wear a face mask and became abusive when challenged by the cabin crew for not complying with the airline’s rules. A video posted on Twitter by a passenger onboard the flight shows that cabin crew and passengers worked together to restrain and subdue the two passengers involved.

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