Attractive Mustapha writes – The search for Christian Atsu; a Ghanaian Hero and world football star

I have sighted a statement from the management team of Ghanaian football legend and Hatayspor midfielder Christian Atsu, elaborating on the way forward to rescue the football icon days after the earthquake in Turkey. One question that keeps recurring on my mind is “why has his management team kept so long in making efforts to get to the grounds?

From the accounts given by his management, it is obvious that if Christian Atsu were an American or a British citizen, strenuous efforts would have been made by their government to rescue him.

Clearly, the Ghana government has little or nothing to offer in this case as there have been no signs from our authorities, except that the citizens are praying to the almighty God for wonders and miracles to save our brother.

This is unfortunate situation is yet another reminder that our country Ghana and the African continent in general do not care much about its citizens.

Some may argue that we lack the resources and technology for such operations but who caused it? Have our leaders failed us or we are just not there yet ? As the saying goes; Heavens help those who help themselves. It is time for us to help Ghana and Africa to change the narrative.

At this juncture, my plea is that the search for the legend must be intensified so that he can be found alive or dead (God forbid).

His management team must be assisted with extra resources needed on the ground in order to locate the player because things are moving incredibly slow.

It is important to note that whatever our brother is going through today can happen to anyone because life is unpredictable and full of mystery.
Live your life like everyday is your last day. Spread love, do good and live as happily as you can.

My thoughts and prayers to Christian Atsu wherever he is and his family ??????

What do you think?

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