Attractive Foundation donates to Street children

Attractive Foundation a Non-Governmental Organization on 31st December donated some undisclosed amount of money and items to street children in Accra with the aim of putting smiles on their faces as we enter into a New Year.

The organization which earlier donated items to some selected people in deprived communities in the Greater Accra Region during Christmas had the opportunity to listen to the street kids whiles they assured them of helping to take them out of the streets to start a better life .

Talking to the Chief Executive Officer of the foundation Mr Mustapha NII-Okai Inusah, Popularly Known as Attractive Mustapha he said that they decided to move away from the yearly party with the needy to donating cash to the children on the street, most especially those in traffic.

He hinted that the Christmas donations are perfect but for the people on the street after all the Christmas party with the privilege they turn to come back to the street starting their year with nothing, so by donating to them on 31st he felt it’s a good time for people on the street since they will start another year on a happy note.

According to him the rate at which the children on the street keep increasing is a worry to all and it should be a great concern to government and all citizens and must therefore make it a priority to eradicate it.

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