Yvonne Nelson denies getting married; blogger apologizes for fake news after legal threat

Ghanaian based Nigerian blogger, Yemmey Baba first reported the news claiming that the actress secretly got married at a private ceremony. “The highly secured ceremony -which we were there- took place two weeks ago,” he wrote but has now apologized for reporting on what can now be described as fake news.

Yemmey Baba’s apology comes after Lawyers of the actress, Parkwood & Mossane Legal consultancy, wrote to him, stating that “according to our client, there’s absolutely no truth in the said story, which was also published on your personal Instagram page”.

The letter signed by Nana Akwesi Awuah Esq, adds that “consequently we hold our Client’s instructions to demand that you pull down the story with immediate effect”.

“Please note that should you fail to pull down the story immediately as demanded, our client shall avail herself of remedies afforded by and at law to fully assert her rights against you, including but not limited to commencing an action against you in court for redress as well as punitive damages and legal costs on a full indemnity basis”.
Yemmey Baba
Yemmey Baba

Accordingly, Yemmey Baba has issued an apology. Taking to Instagram, he wrote, ” we have been told through the LAWYERS of YVONNE NELSON that what we published is not true contrary to what we were supposedly reliably informed”.

“Since it’s from the Lawyers and the Horse’s own Mouth that it is not true – who are we to stand anything? We unreservedly apologize to Yvonne Nelson for saying she is married when according to the Letter above & below (which have been cc to her), she is not. Based on this, we will be pulling down the story,” he added.


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