World Tourism Day 2018 Appreciates Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development

World Tourism Day 2018 is being celebrated today i.e. 27th September 2018 at Budapest, Hungary as well as across the globe.

The theme for World Tourism Day 2018 hovers around Digital Transformation and Innovation that Advanced Technologies can bring to the tourism sector to make it a crucial contributor for all round sustainable development of the world.

Global Tourism impacts infrastructure development, job creation, sanitation, cultural exchange, local community empowerment, transportation as well as the ecological burden on planet Earth.

In this digital era innovations like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Platforms can play a remarkable role in ensuring sustainable growth by making tourism a more responsible sector and connecting tourism at the global level.

Today we book flights and hotels via digital platforms, travelers like to read reviews online while selecting local eateries or before booking a b&b, Social Media has contributed largely in making the world a Global Village, user generated content plays a big role in Digital Marketing today, Smartphones and Internet has made decision-making quicker, and so on. To sum-up, the world is hyper-connected today!

And with large databases and technology at our disposal, it is time how we innovate and disrupt the tourism sector further to ensure a more economical, inclusive and environment-friendly touristy.

On World Tourism Day 2018, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) will announce the Semi-Finalists of its first ever UNWTO Tourism Startup Competition 2018 that aims to render a futuristic approach to startups across the world who can bring in innovative ideas that can transform how the world travels.