We will take credible media men to UK – Organizers of GMA-UK

Organizers of Ghana Music Awards UK have stated that in as much as they would like to travel with media men to the United Kingdom to cover the Ghana music Awards, they are only interested in taking legitimate and credible Media personalities along for the 2019 edition.

Speaking during the launch and nomination release of the awards at the Accra City Hotel,monitored by Attractivemustapha.com the Head of Productions, Mr Kwesi Ernest thanked stakeholders and industry players for the support and reiterated the fundamentals underlining event.

He added that one of the things they have achieved is to carry a reasonable number of legitimate Media personalities and industry players including musicians from Ghana to the event.

He emphasized that the organizers cannot travel with every journalist but they do their best to go along with trusted ones.

“Not those who will go and not come back again to Ghana”

He continued that they are doing same this year because they have interest to promote Ghanaian culture in Europe.