“We Are Tired of Receiving Handkerchiefs and Shirts on Father’s Day” – Actor Van Vicker Cries

Ghanaian award-winning actor and entrepreneur Van Vicker has urged children and mothers to change the narrative on Father’s Day because fathers are tired of ‘mugs, hankies, cufflinks, shirts, ties, etc.’

Van Vicker with his family

According to Van Vicker, mothers and children will know what fathers truly need on Father’s Day celebration when they take their time to study fathers.

He made this statement in one of his Instagram posts on Thursday, June 17.

“We do not want mugs, hankies, cufflinks, shirts, ties, etc for Father’s Day. We are tired ooo,” he lamented. “Please change the narrative this year. Study daddy (father) and you will decipher what he TRULY NEEDS.”

He revealed that what fathers truly need on Father’s Day are ‘watches, shoes, customized grooming sets, masculine travel bags, exquisite pens, new glasses frames and sunglasses,’ adding that people should ‘stop the superficiality and conventional’ gifts for fathers.

“Let me give you some insights: Watches, Shoes, Customized Grooming sets, Masculine travel bags, exquisite pens, new glasses frames, sunglasses. The list is not exhaustive.”

“Our loved ones need to give Father’s gift more thought and stop the superficiality and conventional. Ya br3. Let the REAL FATHERS STAND UP!,” he concluded.

Sunday, June 20, 2020, has been scheduled for Father’s Day celebration.

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