Veteran actors should be blamed for their predicaments — Nii Saka Brown

Ghanaian actor Nii Saka Brown believes the poor state of most veteran actors and actresses in the country can be blamed on them.

According to him, most of these veterans do not take into consideration future ahead of them during their hay days.

“Most of these veterans do not prepare adequately for their future knowing that their careers will not span forever,” he stated.

He noted that while some were in comfortable situations after their career due to planning and preparation, others were found wanting.

“Look at Uncle George Williams, he never came out to beg at any point in his life, look at George Anderson and even Grace Nortey who has not come to beg despite her ill health,” he said.

Speaking about veteran actors Psalm Adjeteyfio and Kofi Laing popularly known as Kohwe who passed away on Thursday,

“Kohwe shouldn’t have died the way he did because his brother is George Laing of Kyekyekule fame who owns a big school but with Psalm Adjeteyfio who is begging for money to go and at his age.

“I am not bragging but at my age I have built more than two houses and I have three kids and I believe he Psalm Adjeteyfio has failed,” he stated.