Van Vicker Officially Opens Vantastic Grill Restaurant on Spintex Road

Van Vicker Officially Opens Vantastic Grill Restaurant on Spintex Road

African celebrated actor Van Vicker on 10th January officially opened his first restaurant at Spintex Road.

The launch was attended by many Ghanaian celebrities including Adjetey Anang, Eddie Nartey and others .

Van Vicker took to social media to share photos from the launch to announce his new business and appreciate his colleagues who showed up to support him at the launch and opening of Vantastic Grill.

According to him decided to venture into the restaurant business with hopes of opening other branches in the future because he wants to contribute to healthy eating.

”I think we are what we eat so if we can eat healthily we can be wealthy ”He told

Explaining why he chose the name Vantastic Grill , Van Vicker said that he got the name from the word fantastic which means wonderful and he just changed the F to V because his name starts with V.

”I Consider Myself to be a fantastic person and with all humility, I believe everything I touch turns to gold and becomes fantastic”, he added.

The actor’s family of his wife and three children were also present at the launch and sharing their photo, he wrote “The aVANgers at the @vantastic_grill launch. I am proud to head such an incredible team”.

He gave a word of appreciation to family and friends for their support.

Below are the pictures

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