Van Vicker marks 15 years of marriage with a touching message to his wife, Adjoa Vicker

Yesterday, 16th October, 2018 was exactly 15 years after actor Van Vicker married his wife, Adjoa Vicker.

They have 3 kids together, 2 beautiful girls and a boy.

Commemorating this special day in his life, the handsome screen icon took to Instagram penning a touching message to his wife.

The message reads:

“I have been married for 15 years today #mypeoples and self felicitation wont be in the wrong direction, will it? Cos my broda IT AIN’T EASY.
One wrong action can annihilate years of togetherness. Yet again we are humans so forgiveness must be exercised.

Recently, a lady was talking to a gentleman who just got a divorce and she said, ‘chale like you for talk to van, he knows all the tricks of staying married’. It sounded hilarious cos only I know the stormS and sunshineS of MY marriage.

I am not a love or relationship expert but I can sanguinely tell you for no consultation fee…if any female or male says in your presence or behind you that, – you are afraid of your wife (husband)- I opine, that is the beginning of success in your marriage. By that I am not saying be less of a man or a coward, oppositely, it accentuates your strength as a man because you passionately champion what you cherish and show enormous respect for what you love.

Yes they have said, I am afraid of my wife, many times. My interpretation of that sentence means…PEACE AT HOME. Hahahahahh all the married brodas can relate I am sure.
Ei, I have deviated from my initial animus, lol. #ibeg

The lady in the photograph is my wife and after 14years I can still conk out for her.
No amount of exaggeration and hyperbole can elucidate how my heart feels towards her.

Simply, I love her extremely, today, tomorrow and forever.

Happy anniversary baby.”