Thousands attend Berlin Street Carnival 2019

The city of Berlin in Germany was filled with joy when thousands of various nationals came together to witness this year’s edition of a street carnival dubbed “Carnival of Culture”.

The event was held from June 7 to 10.

Every year, Berlin celebrates the Carnival of Cultures which attracts visitors from various countries, including Ghana to the German capital to participate in the carnival.

The carnival pays tribute to Berlin’s ethnic diversity and the peaceful coexistence of its different cultures.

This year’s gave Ghanaians the opportunity to display the country’s culture and music to the outside world.

The 4-day carnival featured over eighty bands which performed on three different stages. Among them was Ghana Carnival Group led by Fatima Adamu.

During the carnival, traders from Ghana and some African countries mounted mini stalls along the streets and in some parks and engaged in the selling of various items ranging from food to artifacts.

Fatima Adamu Suka, organiser of the Ghanaian group, disclosed that the carnival which featured a number of music and dance groups afforded Ghanaians the platform to showcase their potential in respect of costume designing, dance choreography, music composition, art, design, among others.

She said there was a float through some principal streets of Berlin where participants were treated to different kinds of performance from various Ghanaian artistes.

She added that Ghana recognizes the Carnival of Cultures as one of the diverse cultural products which could help to market the country as a fast emerging preferred tourism destination in Africa.

Madam Suka further expressed her excitement about how Ghana’s participation at the event had built a linkage between Ghana and Germany and other countries.

She also expressed her appreciation to the ambassador, Mrs Gina Blay and the staff of the embassy for their contribution towards the success of the carnival.

Finally, she prayed that the embassy would continue to support Ghanaians in Germany to participate in the carnival in the coming years.

Source: Fatima Adamu