Those criticising me for giving birth out of wedlock are hypocrites – Yvonne Nelson fires (Video)

Yvonne Nelson has descended heavily on her accusers and critics for attacking her marital status.

In an interview, the actress made some wild comments about the fact that she has a child out of wedlock.

She was was in the studios of UTV answering questions about how she takes criticisms from others about her marital and maternal status.

According to Yvonne, she is not really bothered when people criticise her for having a child when she is not married. She added that those criticising her a bunch of hypocrites who ignore the “bigger” sins of others just to come and talk about her “small” sin.

According to Yvonne, as far as she is concerned, she is far better than the celebrities who have gone ahead to have their marriages blessed (wedding) in the church, but in the end get divorced.


Yvonne said in the Twi language: “I am not bothered when they criticise me because I know only hypocrites do.” “Fine, I know I have sinned by giving birth without a marriage. But what about those in he industry who have had pastors blessed their weddings yet they still get divorced? I am better than them,” Yvonne said forcefully.

Yvonne Nelson came under a barrage of attack and criticisms last year when she delivered her daughter, Ryn Roberts. She was accused of breaking another woman’s home, snatching her husband, and having a child with her.

Many people also claim she went in for her British national baby daddy just so she could have a white baby. But Yvonne, who stood firm in all the criticisms, rubbishes those claims with the explanation that they are really in love. But as the video above shows, Yvonne Nelson has just claimed that she is better than her colleague entertainers who are divorced.

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