The Wind of Revolution Begins: Blakk Rasta Lectures At University of Ghana

Saturday 29th June was the day advertised for the lecture dubbed, MARCYS GARVEY AND THE BACK TO AFRICA RHETORIC by Blakk Rasta at the Efya Sutherland Drama Studio at the University If Ghana, Legon. This was two weeks after Blakk Rasta returned from the Oman Ghana Baako London conference which started several hours late to the disappointment of Blakk Rasta.

By 6pm, the venue was already packed contrary to many thinking that the Ghana-Cameroun match at the on-going AFCON would affect attendance. Blakk Rasta mounted the stage at exactly 7 pm and unleashed loads of information and knowledge to the about 400 people in attendance. The lecture lasted for an hour and, it seemed so short as the patrons expected an extra-time lecture. It was extremely interesting and many patrons thronged the stage after the questions and answers segment to take photos with Blakk Rasta. People were generally excited and showed appreciation for the knowledge and initiative. It was an eye-opener.

Blakk Rasta pledged to continue this monthly and, even take the fight against corruption onto the sreets. Patrons were inspired. Food and refreshment were served afterwards to the surprise of everyone as the event was a free event.

Kiki Bees, Vegan Pot and Oman Ghana Baako supported the event.