The Current State of Cultural Centre in Koforidua (Pics)

Following a recent assertion by Dr. Ziblim Zarri Iddi, Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Arts that the performance centre at the Centre for National Culture in Koforidua was 60% complete, I paid a visit to the place to see things for myself.

In the Deputy Minister’s interview on Peace FM he stated categorically that work had began on the auditorium at the cultural centre ahead of NAFAC which will be held in November.

History has it that, the Cultural Theatre building was first built in 1964 by Kwame Nkrumah.

During the erstwhile President John Kuffour administration between 2001/9 renovation works were started to house offices and an auditorium with a 1,000 estimated sitting capacity when completed but abandoned ever since.

Information reaching indicates that 3 weeks ago, the government and people from the ministry came to survey the abandoned building for completion works to commence before the National Festival of Arts and Culture in November, 2018.

However, as of the time of my visit, no work had started at the place.

By: Asiwome Tei-Mati/

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