‘That horrible ex-husband of mine’ – Ras Mubarak’s ex-wife launches fresh attack

Rasheeda Adams, the ex-wife of Ras Mubarak, the former Member of Parliament Kumbungu Constituency has issued a subtle dig at him in a fresh social media post.

Rasheeda Adams in chronicling instances where she claims to have turned down pleas from some hitherto close relations for another chance in her life sent a fresh attack on the former lawmaker.

A paragraph of her post on August 13, 2021, reads, “…a few months ago when that horrible ex-husband of mine was masturbating all over Facebook with the lies he’d managed to concoct because, after 4 years of divorce, he’d finally come to the realization that I would never let him touch me again even with a 10-foot pole, a guy I thought was my friend was on the phone asking me if I’d eaten, while hahaing in the comments section of someone who was insulting me. I cut off all ties immediately. Yes, because of one emoji reaction.”

It is safe to say to the two figures were involved in a messy break-up with constant attacks from Rasheeda and one counter-attack from Ras Mubarak.

After years of maintaining a deafening silence on the issue, Ras Mubarak in March this year, broke his silence and urged Ghanaians to ignore the allegations from his ‘attention seeking’ ex-wife.

“In 5years since Ms. Adams packed and emptied my house, I have never paid attention to any of the issues she’d levelled against me save in court. And it has been so for good reason – the respect I have for my kids, family and community. Secondly, I have never been bothered because if she can hate her own father enough not to want him at her wedding, if she can hate the man who gave birth to her and named her, enough not to attend his funeral when he passed away, peddling falsehood against me shouldn’t be anything.

“However, her latest attempt to link her issues with the most unfortunate abuse of #Lilian Dedjoe by her husband, which reportedly led to Lilian’s untimely death can’t pass without a rebuttal. I got tagged and trolled by all manner of characters over her latest meltdown. Integrity is not sold on the market, and lies told too many times to tend to be believable”.

“For five or so years now, she has seized every opportunity from unsuspecting and gullible journalists and bloggers to abuse me in mainstream and on social media. I’ve been trolled and called all manner of things by cowards hiding behind phones and computers. It’s never bothered me one bit. I have a tough skin,” parts of his lengthy post read.

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